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Perfect slave exercise!

i stumbled across this very nice video of a young girl doing exercises with her nippels clamped. Great breasts!

I’m looking forward to post more new stuff soon!

Girl has breasts bound, clamped and punctured by needles

This nice lady has her boobs bound tight and is in the second part held in place by her boobs. Nowhere to go, the guy starts to add needles. No nipple work but nice action anyway. About 15 minutes.


Pictures 19

Slim girl with huge tits gets punished and severely degraded

A nice movie of the star of “Busty teen”. She is severely degraded and the tit torture isn’t too extreme. Nonetheless, with such huge tits, it must be painful to do the jumping. 33 minutes of German torture

Enjoy the weekend!

I’m back!

Hi everyone

It’s been a bit quiet from my side the last months. Too much work and too little time for maintenance. Rest assured, I’ve not given up! What you may expect in the coming months?

– toothpaste rubbing

– nipple stretching

– rubber band torture

– lots of pictures

– movies

Too spice things up a bit and to increase the update speed I would like to invite you to support this blog and make it the best in its kind. To make this possible I’m searching for:

– good content (legally obtained) to show.

– interesting experiences around breast torture that you would want to share. Particularly from a sub perspective would be great! I’m thinking in the direction of an experience diary. Feel free to send me a message if you have ideas.

– Ideas for content that you would want to see on this blog.

– Interesting breast torture toys and tools (both non-commercial and commercial) that you want to get promoted on this blog.

I have by now moved to Berlin (Germany). If any of you want to meet up to share experiences, want to share some breast torture activities or want to experience yourself such activities, please let me know!



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