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Tack bra on cute girl. Unfortunately no more pictures available


2.000.000 page views

Hi fellow breast torture lover!

a remarkable moment this week: 2 million page views for the blog of a single dude with far too little updates. I’m pretty proud that my fun project attracts so many likeminded.

big thanks for visiting this blog!!


If you’d like to contribute With a small present to celebrate, please share a pic of breasts and the figure 2.000.000! Bonus points for torture 😉



Today’s assignment

the assignment for today: topless in front of a camera and attach a clothes hanger to your nipples. Let it drop before taking it off again.

Nice girl with reasonably nice breasts

Who is willing to pick up the challenge and can copy this. Video/pictures for the blog appreciated!

He is threatening to hit her again if she doesn’t hold them high…

short but real. Would like to see more!

She punishes herself for being a whore

Writes with the permanent marker that she is a whore and then takes the responsibility to punish herself for that. Can only imagine what her boyfriend did on top of this to make her suffer.


If there is nobody around… Do it yourself

Young girl with really nice breasts gets going with wax and a hairbrush

Perfect slave exercise!

i stumbled across this very nice video of a young girl doing exercises with her nippels clamped. Great breasts!

I’m looking forward to post more new stuff soon!