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Breast Ripper

December 29, 2012

The breast stripper was used for purposes of interrogation and for full-blown punishment. As a means of punishment, the devices was heated up and used to mark the breasts of women who bore children outside of marriage. As a means of interrogation, the device was used to force a confession from women who were accused of spreading gossip, committing blasphemy, being adulterous, or carrying out an abortion.

The device featured claws that either would be heated or used cold, to tear a woman’s breasts. A version of the breast stripper was known as Spider and featured two bars clawed and projected from a wall. The woman’s breasts would then be pulled against the bars until they tore.


  1. painslut Angela permalink

    Hello, I am Angela, from the Netherlands. I love extreme pain myself. A breast ripper, or also called “the Spider” sounds very interesting. The pain must be very hard, hmmmm. Of course I will not do this in real, but in fantasy, hmmm, sounds hot. However, I do have a fantasy for a long time, that comes a bit like this. More and more I am curious to the pain, when my nipples (and after that, my clit) will get streched so far, the will really ripp of my breasts. Like I said, I will not do that in real, but when I get for example cancer, that can’t be get cured anymore, then I do want to do things like this. Then it doesn’t matter if it means my dead, better than slowly get killed by cancer. But of course, I hope to stay healthy for a long time. But to be true, that fantasy is getting stronger and stronger, making me more curious. If anyone knows a way to have that same amount of pain, without getting damaged forever, please let me know.
    I understand there is no movie, in which a breast ripper is used. Well, not real. But maybe a fake movie, or an animation? I would love to see that.
    Love to you all,
    painslut Angela, from the Netherlands.

    • Hi Angela,

      some pretty extreme thoughts you have but nonetheless, it’s always good to be open to a challenge. Although we could discuss in Dutch (please PM me if you are interested), I’d be happy to have others think along.

      Depending of the size of your breasts I can think of a few options that would be very painful and wouldn’t leave you with anything that wouldn’t heal in a couple of weeks totally. The sensation of breast ripping though will be hard to match (for good reasons :-)). You could consider breast inflation (saline injections), possibly in combination with breast torture or even needle torture. Another option (large breasts needed) would be breast hanging. This could be done in multiple ways. I’ve seen an interesting option in which the woman was breast bound and then a wooden plank would be put around her bound breasts. The plank would also be attached to her feet. After this the plank is put on two elevations practically having the sub hanging from her ankles and breasts (back downwards) from the plank. Apart from the sensation your breasts are ripped off, the possibility of additional breast torture in combination with the slave not being able to see this, is rather good.

      For details, give me a message.


  2. Dick Roman permalink

    I have used a device somewhat like a modified spider on the breasts of women to give the sensation of them being ripped off. It uses claws to dig deeply into your breast, but the point is dull so it does not pierce the skin and cause scarring. Quite a bit of traction can be applied if it’s tight enough, so you get the sensation of your breast being slowly torn off. If you are nude and bound for torture, the effect can be quite dramatic. If your breasts are small, they can be bound first to make them swell, so the spider will have enough breast to grab and pull. Let me know if you want to try this.

    • Hi Dick,

      I’m intrigued by this device and your description. Would you be willing to share pictures? It would be great to show these as there is (for good reasons :-)) not too much available on spiders being applied. If you have pictures of the spider being applied is of course even better.


    • angela permalink

      Hello Dick, and Joris.
      Dick, the discription you gave, spounds realy nice. Do you hav e a picture of the tool you use, or a movie? More and more I am thinking about the pain it will be, when my breasts would be ripped off with a spider. That pain, hmmm, that must me so heavy, so extreme. (Getting really wet when I think of the pain it would give.) I know if I ever would do this in real, it would not heal, and even might mean death to me. But still, the hunger for that pain is still getting stronger and stronger. I love extreme pain so much. Maybe one day, I really are going to try the spider. I let you know, if I do.
      Loves and kisses,
      Angela, from the Netherlands.
      (By the way, my breasts are a ferm 85dd-cup)

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