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Japanese Rope Harness

January 5, 2013

This type is more complex.  Take a 50 foot rope., and make a 10 foot bend in one end.  12 inches from the bent end, tie a double overhand knot. make four more knots, one every 16 inches.  Take the knotted end and open the first loop, and place the subs head in it. It will be a loose loop sitting on her shoulders.  The second knot will probably rest under her breasts, the third on her lower abdomen near her navel, or lower.  Have her spread her legs, and bring the loose ends of the ropes between her legs.  Bring the loose ends up the middle of her back, and tie the loose end to the rope at the back of her neck.  The harness will be relatively loose at this stage , so don’t worry about her not getting enough stimulation,..yet.

You now have one running end with about 30 feet of rope to play with.  You are starting from the back at the neck level. Run from there under the arm to tie loosely to the rope above the breast, then back around the back, and attach to the same rope loop, but from the other side.  As you tighten the ropes to the sides, the loops will get shorter, and wider, and the tension on the crotch rope will get tighter.

Go from the above breast loop, to the below breast loop, and then from the tummy loop to the back near the buttocks loop.  As you adjust the lower loops, and increase the tension, be sure to open her lips, and insert the two ropes securely between her lips.  How tight is up to you.

For the breasts, finish off by tightening the chest loops, and cinching up the under and over breast loops.  Looks good and gets her attention, etc.

If you want to go even further than the abovementioned, try combining this type of bondage with for example Breast Circling. This ensures that both Breasts and pussy are likewise tortured.

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