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Nipple torture

January 5, 2013

Probably the most common nipple torture technique is pinching or squeezing. As is common with the many different types of nipple clamping or squeezing devices, there is a short chain between the two tweezers which can be used to pull or stretch out a nipple to add to the pain or sensation. The chain also helps to keep the pair of clamps together when stored away.

Nipple clamping often dramatically changes the sensitivity of the nipple. This can be particularly noticeable as a nipple clamp is being removed.

It’s important to note that any sort of clamping greatly decreases blood circulation in the nipple. The clamps can’t be left on too long or else nerve or tissue damage can occur. As noted at the beginning of this article, nipples are erogenous zones and any nerve damage decreases their sensitivity and effectiveness in this regard. The actual amount of time you can leave clamps in place varies depending on the person and on how tight the clamps are. Most practitioners will talk about maximum times being in the range of 10 to 20 minutes.913181471


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