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Rope Bra

January 5, 2013

In this type, you need a 30 foot rope and soft braided type.  Like the previous type, run the rope behind her first, and run the first two wraps under her breast, high on the ribcage.  On the second wrap, run the ropes between her breasts, and finish above her breasts and under the arms. In the back, knot the two ends together and around the first two wraps.  This will put the knot in the middle of the back.  Take the running ends over her shoulders, on either side of her neck, and bring them down between her breasts.  Tie a knot between her breasts, then take the loose ends around behind her, under the breasts.  Run the loose ends around the back and under her armpit, then over her shoulder on the other side of her neck.  Do this for both sides.  Tie the ends of the ropes off in the middle of the back.  The breast will be accentuated and surrounded by the ropes, but no pressure is applied.  This can be done to any size or shape breast.  You can secure the crossing points of the ropes with small lacing, if the bondage is desired to last for several hours, or if you want to tighten up the tension around her breasts.221738481

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