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Torture Bra (Tack Bra)

January 12, 2013

Although some women consider wearing a bra torture in itself, there are many more options to ensure that the wearer is very much uncomfortable. A tack bra is a device build to ensure maximum discomfort for the person wearing it, whilst people on the outside are unlikely to notice the device (until they bump ito the wearer ;-))

So, how to build a tack bra?

In the basis the point is simple although without thinking this through, it’s pretty easy to ruin. However, consider the following and you’ll be fine. In the basis you have tacks that stick in the breast (although seldomnly actually pinching through). Anything from a few to full cover is possible. In order to ensure you have no collection of tacks at the bottom of the bra, you need something to hold them in place. Lastly, the tacks need to make contact with the breast. If you’re saditic, buy one a size too small, however, in general your own size will do fine. A bit scared? Take one a size too large. Last point to consider is that as soon as the tack hits the breast, it has the tendency to move back. If you wear a thin shirt, or use a non-padded bra, you’ll look like to anyone passing by to have something strange happening to your boobs. Unless this is intended, ensure to use a padded bra or cover the thumb part of the tacks with enough ‘padding’.

Than to the construction.

More or less there are three variations:

– Tacks glued in the bra

– Tacks inserted in pads to be worn inside the bra

– Tacks inserted in the actual padding of the bra

Since torture should be open for any budget and technical ability to make your own toys, let’s start with the cheapest option, tacks inserted in pads. The basis for the padding is always duct tape. It’s sticky and can easily be molded in any shape. Put a nice triangle the size of your bra cup on the table, sticky side up. Put as many tacks with the thumb part on them so the pointy part is sticking upwards. Depending on your like, you can choose now a thin or thick padding to push over the pointy parts. As you can imgaine, the thicker it is, the less steel can press in the breast, the more comfortable. The thinnest option is sporting tape. This can be worn for a day without too much trouble and nasty sweat collecting. If you’de take duct tape twice you risk fealing like you are wearing a latex bra for a day… Other options that can both reduce pain through their tickness but increase anoyance through their texture are the green side of a kitchen sponch (scourer). If you like extremes, feel free to add small square of sanding paper on the padding. Padding in the cup, a little bit of squeezing and shaping and your torture bra is good to go! Instead of using this option to create your own pad, it’s always possible to ‘ruin’ an old bra, and use the cups as pads. It will fit wel, although check the thickness of the cups before starting. What’s the fun if they barely poke through πŸ˜‰

If you’re technically challenged and have bras to spare, take some power glue, the old bra, takcs and make wonders. It’s not the most reliable and one might fall out during the day but you can be done in a short while πŸ™‚

If you really want to please your dominant and have strong sewing skills, consider taking out the padding of a bra, a individually sew the tacks into the padding. This is done by putting the tacks (pointy part down) through some fabric, putting the fabric on the pad (so thumb parts on the pad, lining on the breast side, tacks sticking towards the breast, and individually stitching around each tack. It’s a shitty job and easy to ruin you machine but it looks great. Put the pad back in sticking the tacks through the inner layer and you’ve got something that will last.

Of course you can combine options but this should get you started. Feel free to use carpet tacks instead of thumb tacks. Any pictures of results are appreciated and the coolest ones can go on the blog!

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  1. James permalink

    Would it not make more sense to instead of sewing around each tack, to “mow the baseball field” with stitching down each row in between tacks, then the same going the other direction to snugly affix each tack?

  2. That’s a good approach! I hadn’t thought of it but this should work as well and saves a lot of time and needles in your machine probably πŸ™‚ Probably also looks better.

  3. patti permalink

    I have small breasts (B cup) and out of all the devices on your blog (which I love btw) this one will probably work best on me. I have a sewing machine and I know I can make one following these ideas. James’ comment is a good idea. Definitely will use that idea. The fun part will be being able to wear my bra around friends and family and no one will know. πŸ™‚

  4. patti permalink

    It’s just me again. Well my bra turned out better than I hoped for. It really hurts in such a sweet way and OMG you have no idea how every movement is felt. Even with my little tits! It does leave makes but after 3 days now mine are starting to fade. Now that I tied it I might show my neighbor Renee. She likes to play with me sometimes so this could be fun. Thanks. Glad I found this page when I went searching.

  5. Sherry-lynne permalink

    anybody have thoughts on how best to clean the bra???

  6. Barbara permalink

    master make one with thumb tacks and my my tits had marks for 2 weeks. He would squeeze my tits hard adn force me onto the table for the tacks to embedin my breasts. I had a wonderful time
    Flowers Thank you

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